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AMIC Aplicacions Medioambientals i Industrials de la Catālisis

Winners of the Environmental Award 2006 by the Catalan Government


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What is AMIC?

AMIC is an innovation centre belonging to the Technological Innovation Network created by the Catalan Autonomous Government. AMIC offers key-in-hand solutions for environmental and industrial problems of the productive sectors.


AMIC has wide experience in catalytic reactions such as:



Distinguished projects

imatgelˇlustrativa Study of the feasibility of application of magmolčcules for the elimination of radioactive compounds of waters of refrigeration of the nuclear power stations.
imatgelˇlustrativa Study in pilot plant of the elimination of nitrates and nitrites through the technology of selective catalytic hydrogenation for the recovery of hydric resources polluted with these pollutants.


AMIC, Innovation centre - Building CTT, Foundation URV, Av. Paīsos Catalans, 18, 43007 TARRAGONA
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