Coeliac Disease Management Monitoring and Diagnosis
using Biosensors and an Integrated Chip System
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  Prevalence of coeliac disease in children from Madrid area

The prevalence of coeliac disease (CD) was studied by screening among students aged 6-18 in Madrid during 2008. The current diagnostic strategy, based on serology testing of tTG autoantibodies and biopsy, was used. The results were presented during the Course "Early Diagnosis and Follow-up of Coeliac Disease", hold in Madrid on 20th November 2009. 2,919 children were randomly selected, among which 13 (0.45%) were coeliacs previously diagnosed. After the screening, 24 new cases were detected, showing that about 2 out of 3 coeliacs were undiagnosed before the study. Thus, the prevalence of CD in the studied group of students from Madrid is around 1.27%, that is, 1 every 79 children.
Seventh Framework Programme Priority. Personal Health Systems for Monitoring and Point-of-Care Diagnostics.
Collaborative Project - Large Scale Integrating Project
Grant Agreement nş: 216031