Coeliac Disease Management Monitoring and Diagnosis
using Biosensors and an Integrated Chip System
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  Tissue-mediated control of immunopathology in coeliac disease

Coeliac disease is an inflammatory disorder with autoimmune features that is characterized by destruction of the intestinal epithelium and remodelling of the intestinal mucosa following the ingestion of dietary gluten. A common feature of coeliac disease and many organ-specific autoimmune diseases is a central role for T cells in causing tissue destruction. In this Review, we discuss the emerging hypothesis that, in coeliac disease, intestinal tissue inflammation — induced either by infectious agents or by gluten — is crucial for activating T cells and eliciting their tissue-destructive effector functions.


 Jabri B & Sollid LM (2009) Tissue-mediated control of immunopathology in coeliac disease. Nature Reviews in Immunology 9: 858-870.
Seventh Framework Programme Priority. Personal Health Systems for Monitoring and Point-of-Care Diagnostics.
Collaborative Project - Large Scale Integrating Project
Grant Agreement nş: 216031