Coeliac Disease Management Monitoring and Diagnosis
using Biosensors and an Integrated Chip System
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The objective of CD-MEDICS is to obtain an instrument that will be a low-cost non-invasive intelligent diagnosis system that can be present at point of care, such as a doctors surgery which will bring benefits to patients and healthcare professionals.

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The applications of the proposed integrated microsystem and its individual modules for coeliac disease diagnosis, monitoring and management are multiple. The analysis of the HLA-DQ2 & 8 genes will provide information on the genetic predisposition of an individual, while serum IgA and IgG indicate antibodies associated with gluten in the diet.

The specific objectives of CD-MEDICS are:

1.- Demonstration of usefulness of anti-glutenin antibodies to improve sensitivity and selectivity in the screening and diagnosis of coeliac disease and development of immunoassays and HLA typing protocols.

2.- Development of a generic genosensor array micromodules for HLA typing.

3.- Development of individual micromodules for sample treatment, mixing, metering, nucleic acid amplification, HLA typing and autoantibody detection.

4.- Development of a nanostructured microsystem with multiple sample treatment modules integrated with the sensor arrays on a single disposable device.

5.- Provision of a wireless communication approach that seamlessly links devices through one of many potential methods ensuring that communication capabilities are always maximised.

6.- Clinical evaluation encompassing both end-user feedback and bioethical issues.

7.- Innovation management ensuring exploitation of developed technology.

8.- Integration of multidisciplinary education and skills development with research activities.

9.- Ethical scrutiny and fostering of dialogue as a means of generating both greater appreciation of the contribution to our well-being of advanced technology and an enthusiasm for science.

Seventh Framework Programme Priority. Personal Health Systems for Monitoring and Point-of-Care Diagnostics.
Collaborative Project - Large Scale Integrating Project
Grant Agreement nº: 216031