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 December 2010
  December 11th 2010
 Pabellón de la Pipa de la Casa de Campo Avda. de Portugal, s/n - Madrid
ACM celebrated the 2010 Madrid Coeliac Festival last Saturday 11th Dec in Madrid. CD-MEDICS was present with a stand as a Roadshow activity. The project flyer and general info about the project was offered. The CD-MEDICS 3D Animation Video was running non-stop all day and the CD-MEDICS Video Game, kindly provided by URV, was set for the children to play.

Nearly 6,000 people attended the event, many of them visited the CD-MEDICS stand. Around 120 people joined the project as "CD-MEDICS friends" and about 30 HCP got a subscription for the Virtual School of Excellence.

An on-line TV Channel was covering the Festival, including CD-MEDICS stand. Go to minute 2.25 in this YouTube video.
Also, some news about the Festival and CD-MEDICS have appeared on the web, see the links below:

Seventh Framework Programme Priority. Personal Health Systems for Monitoring and Point-of-Care Diagnostics.
Collaborative Project - Large Scale Integrating Project
Grant Agreement nş: 216031