Ph.D. students


We are constantly looking for bright and motivated students to work in our research projects and we currently have available fully financed PhD positions to join our group. The ideal candidate should have an engineering or science degree and be prepared to be involved in large scale numerical calculations along with algorithm and theoretical development. Candidates should preferably hold a Master's degree, or have an official title enabling them to start a Ph.D. in their country of origin, with a minimum of 300 ECTS credits of higher education. Interested applicants should send an email message with CV to .

Here is a list of possible additional sources for financing Ph.D. studies:
Fundación Carolina (Becas de doctorado en colaboración con países Iberoamericanos)
Ministerio de Educacion y Ciencia
Generalitat de Catalunya


Postoctoral researchers

Every year there are possibilities to ask for financing either from the Spanish or Catalonian funding agencies which include the grants known as Juan de la Cierva, Ramón y Cajal, and ICREA. We have already hosted several researchers from some of these programs.

Grants include contracts from 1 to 5 year durations which in some cases can be made permanent. Please consult us if you are interested in such an option.


Last update 23/2/2012