Award Fluid Simulation Challenge 2004 (Category "Best in show)

Welcome to the Complex Systems web page @ ETSEQ/URV

Research in our group focuses on the development and application of theoretical and computer simulation techniques for the study of the properties of fluids and materials. Emphasis is placed on molecular and microscopic based models that explicitly represent the main interactions among the constituents of the system of interest. These models can de used to predict the behaviour of materials at conditions inaccessible to experiment and to gain a fundamental understanding of the microscopic basis for the observed macroscopic properties.

Our goals include understanding the physics and chemistry behind spontaneously formed complex structures due to molecular interactions as well as complex fluids in general.
We are particularly interested in the self-assembly processes of amphiphilic molecules and nanostructure formation. Such nanostructures can be used for various applications, including templates for inorganic/organic materials, nanoreactors and as hosts for solvophobic molecules.

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