Surfactants and Polymers

The Single Chain Mean Field Theory is being developed and applied in conjunction with Molecular Simulations to study the properties of surfactant solutions, the micellization process, transitions between micelles of different shapes as well as the formation of liquid crystal phases.

We are currently working on:

  • Sphere to rod transition in micelles
  • Formation of nanostructured materials
  • Self-assembly of liquid crystals

Thermodynamic property prediction

Molecular models and simulation methodologies are being developed to study and perdict thermodynamic and transport properties of fluids relevant to the oil and chemical industry.


Dissipative Particle Dynamics

In collaboration with the Interfaces and Polymer research group we are working on the development of mesoscopic models for the study of dynamics of complex systems, in particular, the method known as Dissipative Particle Dynamics. (See a presentation prepared by Josep Bonet)


These research lines are currently supported by:


Last update 1/30/2008