Europa Aid Cooperation Office

ALFA programme
ALBAN programme


Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society Boston (USA) 26-30 November 2007
235th ACS National Meeting New Orleans (USA) 6-10 April 2008
COPS VIII Edinburgh (UK) 10-13 June 2008
14th International Congress on Catalysis Seoul (Korea)

13-18 July 2008

Carbon 2008 Nagano (Japan) 13-18 July 2008

CHISA 2008

18th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering

Praha (Czech Republic)

24-28 August 2008

Carbon 2009 Biarritz (France) 14-19 June 2009
16th International Zeolite Conference Sorrento (Italy) 3-8 July 2010


The international lignin institute

Biomass Program: Lignin-derived Co-Products at NREL

Lignin Biodegradation Group, University of Helsinki, Finland