About the Multidisciplinary Seminar Program

Created in 1995, the Escola Tecnica Superior d'Enginyeria Quimica (ETSEQ) at Universitat Rovira i Virgili aims at becoming an international reference in chemical engineering education and research. The ETSEQ is located in an area that is socially and economically very dynamic, and that is home to one of the most important centers of chemical industry in southern Europe.

The Multidisciplinary Seminar Program is both the seminar series for faculty and researchers in the ETSEQ, and a mandatory class for its graduate students. The Program aims at inviting leading international researchers working on areas that are of interest to faculty and researchers in the School.

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Next seminar (April 10, 2015)

Splitting Methods for Real-Time Model Predictive Control (Colin Jones)

Location: Sala de Graus, ETSEQ
Start time: 12 p.m.


Pushing predictive controllers, which require the solution of an optimization problem at each sampling interval, into the millisecond range opens up both new possibilities, as well as new challenges for control. Computational limits invalidate basic assumptions made when proving the stability, or invariance of constrained control laws and as a result cannot be used in fast, real-time implementations with confidence. In this talk, I will discuss some of our recent work that brings the benefits of optimization-based control to high-speed systems, while simultaneously providing the computational flexibility and hard real-time guarantees required by modern embedded control platforms. We’ll begin with an overview of fast-MPC methods, and then argue that operator-splitting approaches have a lot to offer in this domain. I’ll introduce a new technique for solving a class of nonlinear optimal control problems for distributed systems, that comes with a formal guarantee of stability under fixed-time computation. Finally, I will report on a new fast code-generation toolbox, SPLIT, which provides a method to easily deploy real-time, optimisation-based control laws on various embedded platforms.

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